Horacio Godoy is a renowned and established tango dancer, teacher, producer, and choreographer. He has started his professional Tango career in 1991, and worked in the most prestigious tango clubs of Buenos Aires – Sunderland, Club Almagro, Estudiantes del Norte, Platense, Gricel, La Viruta Tango, Michelangelo, Azucar, Pinocho, just to mention a few. Horacio is also known as the founder and director of the largest tango school and tango club in Argentina called La Viruta Tango. He has been running the school since 1994, managing, teaching, and DJing. His teaching methodology focuses on musicality and dynamics and his dance is extremely engaging and expressive.

He has worked in many famous tango companies, such as Forever Tango (2009), Tango Argentino (2010), Tanguera (2001-2005), Chantecler Tango (until present). He choreographed the show Chantecler Tango and toured with it in 2012-2014. With Tango Argentino he has participated in their spectacular company’s closing show staged in the very center of Buenos Aires in front of 20,000 people.

Since 2000 Horacio Godoy has been traveling the world, teaching tango and performing in over 35 countries, participating in over 100 international festivals. For the last four years he has mostly partnered with Magdalena Gutierrez. Magdalena Gutierrez has been participating in many international tango festivals together with Horacio Godoy from 2011 until present, teaching and performing.

We are happy to welcome Horacio and Magdalena to Tango Element Baltimore for the first time. Besides teaching, Horacio will also be DJing Sunday late night milonga as he does on Sundays at La Viruta in Buenos Aires.