Martin MALDONADO & Maurizio GHELLA

 Martin Maldonado and Maurizio Ghella, are two young teachers and artists who through the technique are looking for the expressive interpretation, for being the dance, and, as a consequence, for the "excuse" to dance their feelings.

One of the main focuses of their work has always been the connection within the couple. The goal is not to learn only new steps, but to emphasize the technique through feeling each other, by being connected and by paying close attention to the embrace. "When you're dancing like this, it will be easier to improvise, and also to approach your Tango in a much more relaxed way", say Martin and Maurizio. In their work they believe in a proposal that allows them to develop not only the technical skills of the dancers, but also to give free space to expression and interpretation.

In the recent years they've been traveling around the world, presenting tango and Argentine folklore, grasping the fusion between the two. They've worked at many well-respected festivals, such as Berlin Tang festival in Germany, Vienna Tango Week in Austria, Tango Postale in France, Misterio Tango Festival in Argentina, just to mention a few. Martin and Maurizio posess an amazing capability to encourage and motivate their students and this year Tango Element is happy to welcome this terrific couple back to Baltimore by popular demand.