Tango Element Baltimore 2014 July 24-27

Tango 2014
Tango Element Baltimore 2014
2014 July 24-27







Exclusive apperance in North America


Avik BASU (Ann Arbor, MI)
Horacio "El Pebete" GODOY (Buenos Aires)
Varo BOYAJYAN (Los Angeles, CA)
Angel MONTERO (Atlanta, GA)
Paul AKMAJIAN (Albuquerque, NM)
Travis WIDRICK (Buffalo, NY)
Xavier VANIER (Montreal/NYC)
Momo SMITT (Portland, OR)



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The entire event will be held at the stunning ballrooms (the old Masonic Temple) of the beautiful Embassy Suites Baltimore Inner Harbor hotel

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Olga Besio

Teacher of teachers, love, passion, wisdom, and experience embodied in art and her pursuit of teaching. Olga is a dancer, teacher, choreographer and ballet director, with more than 30 years of a prestigious professional Tango career, and her entire life of dancing Tango.

Born in Buenos Aires, Olga has been dancing tango since she was 5 years old. She studied ballet, fine arts, and philosophy, and possess four teaching degrees.

She is renowned for her pedagogy in tango. Her famous teachings methods focus on musicality, technique, and instruction/pedagogy. Her method can be appreciated following successful careers of her students, including those of her two children, Ariadna and Federico Naveira, whom she taught since they were little.

Olga is a creator of the first major free Tango program within the Municipality of Buenos Aires, in the renowned Centro Cultural San Martin. As an artist, teacher and a competition judge, Olga has been participating in infinity of tango congresses and festivals, and contributed into multiple national and international tango events. As a result of tirelessly spreading her knowledge of tango for many years, Olga has been invited to serve as a member of the International Dance Council under a UNESCO program. In 2013 she has received a special award of the Council for her outstanding carrier achievements.

We are honored and thrilled to have Olga Besio teaching at Tango Element Baltimore for the first time and cannot wait to welcome her! Please note – all her classes are recommended for tango teachers.






Tomás Howlin

Born and brought up in Buenos Aires, Tomás has over 20 years of experience teaching and performing tango in Buenos Aires and abroad. His pedagogy is unique and exceptional as he draws on a diverse knowledge base, which includes a certificate in English from the University of Cambridge, UK. Not only does Tomas embody tango, but with his mastery of English he provides a particular combination that makes him the perfect cultural and language ambassador to accompany Olga Besio. When he is not acting as a cultural bridge, Tomás tours regularly around North America offering workshops. His latest project is the Tango Learning Program, a multilayered and multidisciplinary approach to learning the Argentine Tango. 




Mariano "Chicho" FRUMBOLI & Juana SEPULVEDA

Mariano Frumboli, also known as Chicho, has undoubtedly played the main role in the creative evolution of tango in the last 10 years. He is renowned worldwide as one of the founders and initiators of Tango Nuevo. He is famous for his personality, musicality and creativity. A true representative of the "New Generation," Chicho brings all his talent and freshness to the dance. He teaches with love and talent, combined with a profound understanding of the dance. His classes are a must for those just approaching the Nuevo Tango style, as well as for experienced dancers. Chicho's work has been one of the biggest gifts that an artist could have given to any art form: the continuous questioning, the research, the quest for originality, and full-hearted creativity.

Chicho began playing drums at 14 years old, and studied theater for 8 years before discovering the tango. He has studied and worked closely with Gustavo Naviera and Fabian Salas. His dancing is characterized above all by musicality and improvisation. In a unique way, he expresses the essence of the music in his dancing. In his teaching, he emphasizes being conscious of the body's movement. Chicho's theatrical background influenced tango dance by adding aesthetics and forms never used before in tango, which at that time went directly against the established rules of social tango but that today are used among professionals and amateurs all around the world.

Juana Sepulveda, is one of the youngest-born stars in the tango sky, she spans the entire range of expression from an innovative subtlety to a stunning manifestation of power in every movement, always matched by her unswerving musicality and pure sensuality.




Horacio Godoy is a renowned and established tango dancer, teacher, producer, and choreographer. He has started his professional Tango career in 1991, and worked in the most prestigious tango clubs of Buenos Aires – Sunderland, Club Almagro, Estudiantes del Norte, Platense, Gricel, La Viruta Tango, Michelangelo, Azucar, Pinocho, just to mention a few. Horacio is also known as the founder and director of the largest tango school and tango club in Argentina called La Viruta Tango. He has been running the school since 1994, managing, teaching, and DJing. His teaching methodology focuses on musicality and dynamics and his dance is extremely engaging and expressive.

He has worked in many famous tango companies, such as Forever Tango (2009), Tango Argentino (2010), Tanguera (2001-2005), Chantecler Tango (until present). He choreographed the show Chantecler Tango and toured with it in 2012-2014. With Tango Argentino he has participated in their spectacular company’s closing show staged in the very center of Buenos Aires in front of 20,000 people.

Since 2000 Horacio Godoy has been traveling the world, teaching tango and performing in over 35 countries, participating in over 100 international festivals. For the last four years he has mostly partnered with Magdalena Gutierrez. Magdalena Gutierrez has been participating in many international tango festivals together with Horacio Godoy from 2011 until present, teaching and performing.

We are happy to welcome Horacio and Magdalena to Tango Element Baltimore for the first time. Besides teaching, Horacio will also be DJing Sunday late night milonga as he does on Sundays at La Viruta in Buenos Aires.





Javier Rodriguez, dancer and teacher of Argentine tango, is one of the most recognized figures of the Argentine tango and an indisputable expert in Tango Salon style. For the past 20 years Javier has been a part of the most famous tango festivals in Argentina, Europe and Asia, where he never stopped dazzling the participants with his art of dance and pedagogy.

Javier’s most recent partner is Noelia Barsi, with whom he continues touring, teaching and performing. Noelia Barsi began to dance and feel the Tango at a very early age. For the last fifteen years she has been performing on many theater stages and participating as a dancer and teacher in various festivals in Argentina and abroad. She is known for her outstanding subtle and delicate style, which makes Noelia an icon of femininity.

Javier and Noelia together combine decades of experience and a lot of Tango. They have been working at the most distinguished festivals in Europe and Asia with great success and now they will be teaching together in the US for the first time. A combination of strength, sweetness and their love and dedication to tango make them s highly sought after couple.

Tango Element is proud to be presenting Javier & Noelia’s US debut.




Live Music: Solo Tango Orquesta


Solo Tango Orquesta is the first Russian tango orchestra which has gained international recognition. It is the official orchestra of the world’s largest international tango festivals such as Berlin Tango festival, Istanbul Tango festival, OsterTango (Basel, Switzerland), Siracusa International Tango Festival Tangoamadeus (Vienna, Austria), Dresden Tango Festival (Germany), Karlsruhe Tango Festival (Germany) , Milonguero Nights (Moscow, Russia), Planetango (Moscow, Russia), Tango of White Nights (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), just to mention a few.

In August 2012 Solo Tango Orquesta conquered its new peak: Two-week tour in the homeland of Tango, namely in Buenos-Aires, ended with a grand success. The orchestra has literally “exploded” the oldest milongas of Buenos-Aires, among which are: La Baldosa, Salon Canning, La Viruta. In La Viruta the orchestra was asked to play an encore six times! Moreover, Solo Tango Orquesta gave a two-hour live interview to the national tango radio La 2 x 4, which aroused tremendous interest of the audiences of Argentine and other countries of Latin America.

“Solo Tango Orquesta” has performed together with many world-famous stars of Argentine Tango. Among the prominent tango couples it has had the pleasure of working with are: Miguel Zotto, Mariano “Chicho” Frumboli & Juana Sepulveda, Sebastian Achaval & Roxana Suarez, Ruben & Sabrina Veliz, Lucila Cionci & Joe Corbata, Ariadna Naveira & Fernando Sanchez, Gaston Torelli & Moira Castellano, Fabian Peralta & Lorena Ermocida, Yanina and Neri, Los Totis, Fransisko Forkera & Carolina Bonavenruta, and many others.

The sound of the orchestra is distinguished by its exceptional sense of style, incredible energy transmitted to the audience and high quality mastery. The orchestra is comprised of the top quality professional Russian musicians performing in the genre of Argentine Tango - Ivan Talanin (bandoneon), Aleksand Riazanov (violin), Artem Timin (piano), and Ilya Alpeev (base).







THU July 24

Edinburgh (5th Fl)

Doric (4th Fl)

Oriental (4th Fl)

Mirror (5th Fl)


1.1JN-Javier & Noelia Milonga Simple (Int/Adv)

1.1CJ-Chicho & Juana (Adv, Couples Only)

1.1OM-Oliver Kolker & Maria Elena Ybarra – Vals to Shine on the Dance Floor (Int)



1.2HM-Horacio&Magdalena Change of dynamics, pauses, and more… (Int/Adv)

1.2OT-Olga w/Tomas Mixed Technique I – the dialogues with your own body and with the floor (All Levels + Teachers) No partner Needed




Opening Milonga: DJ Travis, Group Performance by Maestros

FRI July 25



2.1CJ-Chicho & Juana (Int)

2.1HM- Horacio & Magdalena How to put a swing in your Milonga! (Adv, Couples Only)


2.1JN-Javier & Noelia Technique for Leaders & Followers, Walk and Embrace (Int)


2.2CJ-Chicho & Juana
(Adv. Couples Only)

1:30-3:30pm – Matinee Practica (Charity Fundraising), DJ Varo

2.2OT-Olga w/Tomas The Essence of Tango as a dance (All Levels + Teachers)

2.2JN-Javier & Noelia Rhythmic Tango (IntAdv)


FERMIN –GLORIES of TANGO (film by Oliver Kolker) at the Charles Theater

6:30pm – 8:00pm

2.3CJ-Chicho & Juana (Int/Adv)

7:00-9:30pm – Mixer Practica - Meet your peers! MCed and DJed by Momo - FREE

2.3OT- Olga w/Tomas – Couple’s Technique – the presence and the dialogue (All Levels + Teachers)

2.3HM-Horacio & Magdalena Volcadas (Int/Adv)


The GALA: DJs Robin, Live Music by SOLO TANGO, Performance by Javier & Noelia (Edinburgh)

SAT July 26



Yoga for Dancers (Cassandra Hume) $10 at the door to the instructor (Doric Room)


3.1HM-Horacio & Magdalena Power Rangers dynamics!!! (Adv, Couples Only)

3.1OM-Oliver Kolker & Maria Elena Ybarra – Amazing & Original Milonga Combinations (Int/Adv)

3.1OT- Olga w/Tomas Composition Fundamentals – interpretation and creativity (All Levels + Teachers)

3.1JS-Juana Follower’s Technique I (offered only w/Follower’s Technique II)


3.2CJ-Chicho & Juana (Int)

3.2HM-Horacio & Magdalena Tango Milonguero (Int/Adv)

3.2OT - Olga w/Tomas Mixed Technique II – Expanding the dialogue with moves (All Levels + Teachers) No partner Needed

3.2JN-Javier & Noelia Giros with Sacadas (Adv Couples Only)


3.3CJ-Chicho&Juana (Adv Couples Only)

Practilonga, DJ Angel



3.3OT - Olga w/Tomas Musicality from the Dancing point of view – how to move. (All Levels + Teachers)

3.3JN-Javier & Noelia Basic Technique of Tango Salon (Int)



Social mingle Happy Hour – meet your fellow dancers over FREE wine and beer! Facilitated and hosted by Beth Anne Osborne (Baltimore Bistro Restaurant in the Hotel)

6:00pm – 6:30pm

What Makes Tango Heels Different from Street Shoes? FREE visual presentation by Eugenia Balbuena (Buenos Aires), creator & designer of DEBAILAR* tango shoes for ladies


All-Night Milonga: DJs Paul & Avik, Performance by Horacio & Magdalena + extra surprises! (Edinburgh)

SUN July 27






Yoga for Dancers (Cassandra Hume) $10 at the door to the instructor (Doric Room)



4.1JN-Javier & Noelia Paradas in Tango Salon, Ocho technique (Int/Adv)

4.1HM-Horacio & Magdalena Milonga, Change of Dynamics (Int/Adv)

4.1OT - Olga w/Tomas Musicality as the third participant in a couple – possibilities and limitations (All Levels + Teachers)

4.1JS-Juana Follower’s Technique II (Follower’s Technique I required to attend)


4.2JN-Javier & Noelia Giros, Lapises, and Barridas (Int/Adv)

4.2HM-Horacio & Magdalena Tango Concepts of the Great Milongueros (Int)

4.2OT - Olga w/Tomas Mixed Technique III – Embellishments, or the mischief in the dialogue (All Levels + Teachers) No partner Needed

4.2CJ-Chicho & Juana (Adv Couples Only)


4.3JN-Javier & Noelia Turns in Milonga Traspie (Adv Couples Only)

Practilonga, DJ Xavier



4.3HM-Horacio & Magdalena Musical Interpretation (Int)

4.3CJ-Chicho & Juana (Int/Adv)


Closing Milonga: DJs Varo & Horacio, Live music by SOLO TANGO, Performance by Chicho & Juana (Edinburgh)


Please read Festival Policies




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FERMIN – Glories of Tango – a Film by Oliver Kolker

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At door only





Thu Opening Milonga





Fri The GALA w/Live Music





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Sun Closing Milonga w/Live Music





Saturday or Sunday




Friday Matinee Fundraising Practica, not included in any pass

Charity fundraiser for a 7-year old girl in Russia (cystic fibrosis annual treatment)



Suggested donation $10

Friday Mixer Practica





Saturday Happy Hour Mixer





Saturday Presentation on Creating Tango Shoes





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Student’s Full Pass. Valid dated full time student ID or paperwork from the Registrar's office required when you validate your registration pack at the desk. If a dated full time student ID is not available at the time of pass validation, you will have to pay the difference to match a regular pass to attend. If a dated student ID is not available, another proof will be required (such as Registrar’s Office paperwork or a letter confirming you are a full time student). Discount is not available for PostDocs.

2-Day Pass. Fri/Sat or Sat/Sun. Includes 6 lessons, afternoon and evening milongas.

Partner’s 2-Day Pass. Fri/Sat or Sat/Sun, but you must sign up with a partner.

Student’s 2-Day Pass. Fri/Sat or Sat/Sun. Valid dated full time student ID or paperwork from the Registrar's office required when you validate your registration pack at the desk. If a dated full time student ID is not available at the time of pass validation, you will have to pay the difference to match a regular pass to attend. If a dated student ID is not available, another proof will be required (such as Registrar’s Office paperwork or a letter confirming you are a full time student). Discount is not available for PostDocs.

Couple’s Only Adv Classes 8-Pack Pass. All 8 lessons, but you must have a partner to attend. See Web site for full details.

Couple’s Only Adv Classes 4-Pack Pass. 4 lessons, but you must have a partner to attend. See Web site for full details.

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All Milonga Pass. Dance any time during the festival.

Student’s Milonga Pass. Valid dated full time student ID or paperwork from the Registrar's office required when you pick up your registration pack at the desk. If a dated full time student ID is not available at the time of pass pick up, you will have to pay the difference to match a regular pass to attend.


Please note that if you place an order and choose “pay by check” option, your order will not be confirmed until the payment is received .We must receive your payment before the registration deadlines expire, and balance and gender restrictions will apply at the time we receive your order. Until then your order will remain “Pending” and you will be contacted if your selections are no longer available. Please note we will not be able to accept any check payments received after July 31, 2012 in order to clear your check.

Location and Lodging

The entire event will be taking place at the elegant and convenient Embassy Suites Baltimore in the very heart of Baltimore, MD. SINCE THE HOTEL IS NOW IS AN EMBASSY SUITES PROPERTY, FULL BUFFET BREAKFAST AND HAPPY HOUR ARE INCLUDED IN YOUR ROOM PRICE!!!! There are gorgeous upper level ballrooms with windows, food outlets on-site, a splash pool (handy in the summer weather!), an organic grocery store across the street, with easy access (either walking or via the FREE city bus) to the best restaurants and the famous Inner Harbor and the waterfront -- it really has it all! The hotel is located only 10.5 miles to Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI).

The address of the hotel is:
222 St. Paul Place
Baltimore, MD 21202
P 410-727-2222 | F 410-685-4215


EMBASSY SUITES HOTEL ROOMS ARE NOW SOLD OUT. TANGO ELEMENT HAS NEGOTIATED AN ALTERNATIVE OPTION AT THE HOME2 SUITES BY HILTON JUST A BLOCK AWAY FROM THE EMBASSY SUITES. Please go to http://home2suites.hilton.com/en/ht/groups/personalized/B/BWIEPHT-TEG-20140724/index.jhtml?WT.mc_id=POG to book or call the hotel directly at +1-410-576-1200. Our group code is TEG.

Street parking is difficult in Baltimore, just as in any major city. There is metered street parking, but it is difficult to come by. Self parking is available in a city-owned garage adjacent to/underneath the hotel, located at 210 St. Paul Place. This is a manned and automated garage, managed by PMS Parking in cooperation with the Baltimore Parking Authority, not the hotel. The weekday maximum overnight parking rate is $15, and on weekends the maximum rate is $10 per night. The maximum vehicle height clearance is 7'0". Please note that you will be charged at the hourly rate each time you exit the garage during a 24 hr. period, so we advise you park for the duration of the festival and use public transportation should you need to leave the premises. Automated payment machines accepting credit and debit cards are available if you exit after hours.

Getting from BWI Airport to the event (Tremont Plaza Hotel) by Public Transportation

From the Terminal walk to BWI Airport Light Rail NB (www.mtamaryland.com) - About 2 mins
Take Light Rail -200 - Direction: Hunt Valley and Light Rail Stat NB - About 30 mins
Arrive at Baltimore St and Light Rail Stat NB
Walk to 222 St Paul St - About 9 mins
A one-way Super Shuttle ride from BWI airport costs $15 and can be booked at www.supershuttle.com.